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Fitspo or Fitsporn

ass collage

When I see “fitspo” like this I think 3 things:

1. Pull that effing wedgie out of your ass

2. I would not want to sit on a bench after her

3. Are you kidding me? NO ONE works out dressed like that.

But that is what we are bombarded with on tumbler, pinterest, twitter, facebook, fitness mags….it’s everywhere. Almost naked chicks, oiled up, in a gym sporting major wedgies sporting all with the purpose of inspiring you to workout.


And then you have the instagramers!

PicMonkey Collage insta

They clutter up your feed with pics from the locker room in their bra and undies so they can show off their “gains”, post the standard booty shot on #MotivationalMonday, #TransformationTuesday, #WorkoutWednesday, #ThowbackThursday, #FlexFriday, and some other lame ass day they make up and throw a hashtag in front of it so they can show off their hooters and #bootygainsfordays.

What caused this phenomenon of women and men (and yes there are dudes who do this too) feeling they need to plaster the internet with photos of their 3/4 naked bodies all in the name of inspiring others to workout? When did photos like this become what people look to for motivations during their journey to become fit and healthy? And when did this become what fitness newbies aspire to become, another girl showing off their hard work in a gym locker bathroom to an internet full of perverts?

Maybe I’m the odd duck out, but when I look for inspiration, I look for images of STRONG women who are too busy doing WORK to worry about what their hair looks like in a photo. The women with sweat drenched clothes and mascara running down their faces. The women who are REAL and aren’t afraid to be caught looking like a hot mess in the gym – that is how they gauge the difficulty of their workout. Women like Dana Linn Bailey, Jessie Hilgenberg, Ashley Conrad and Nicole Wilkins. Women who don’t necessarily fit in the box of the standard women in the fitness industry, but they are holding their own and inspiring others in a more profound way.

PicMonkey CollageTHE ONE!

So the next time you are trolling instagram, and you are liking away, think about which photo you want to give attention to. Which woman would you want your daughter to aspire to be?

PicMonkey Collage

In reality the only way we will ever #takebackfitspo, is to stop giving these people attention for these actions and start posting pics that are motivating us to workout for OUR HEALTH! You can be proud of the body you have-  no matter what shape or size it is – but you don’t have to flaunt it.

“Classy is when a woman has everything to flaunt, but chooses not to show it.”

Fitness Goals: The Mental Side

This article was recently posted on Health Your Way


So much attention is focused on the physical side of goal setting, but what about the mental and emotional aspect of striving to reach a goal that’s important to you? Train and prepare your mind, as well as your body. Only then will your experience be complete…and more enjoyable!

Every day is a new day, a new week and a new chance to start working towards your goals. So, what are goals exactly? Goals are something that are within your reach that you WANT. It may take WORK to reach them, but the WANT will carry you to them.

 Enjoy the journey.

Sometimes we get stuck in the “work” part of the goal. It’s too hard, it’s too far away, it will take too long, and we forget about why we wanted to reach the goal in the first place. The fire that burned inside of us, the excitement, the JOY. Your goal is obviously something that you want and is going to be awesome when you reach it, so why not enjoy the journey until you get there?

 Focus on the positive.

You are working towards something positive, so if you stay positive and focus on how great the changes are, you will keep moving forward. If you get stuck in the negative or keep looking for the negative, you will have an awful time.

 Your experience is your choice.

You may struggle or have bad days, but look at those as lessons learned. You found a way that doesn’t keep you on track, so don’t go down that path again. See, negative into a positive. You are the one who is on this journey – you control how you experience it. You can make the best of it or you can make the worst of it.

Wednesday Workout

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Ready, Set, GOAL

This article was recently posted on Health Your Way

You have been training and working hard towards a goal and BAM – you hit a road block. Whether it be an injury, a change in plans or an act of God, you are sidelined. You now have 2 choices. You can A) give up or B) get back in the game. You don’t have to let a setback be the end of your journey – you can take the opportunity to view it as a set UP to a new goal.

 A Goal Within A Goal

Many athletes train for a particular event only to be stopped in their tracks by an injury. They don’t give up and throw in the towel.  They reassess their overall goal by reaching for a new goal – recovery. Their eyes are still on the big prize, but they have to work on a new goal in order to get back in the game. Take a cue from them and set yourself up for a new venture. As you heal , try a new activity like yoga or swimming. As you recover, you can still “compete” by challenging yourself to learn and perfect a new pose or stroke.

 Change Of Plans

Maybe your setback was due to change of plans on your part or the event itself. This happens A LOT to runners because of poor weather conditions. It’s very frustrating, but if you trained for a race your training doesn’t have to be for nothing. Find another race! Running a race that you don’t have planned or is unfamiliar to you can be exciting and fun. If finding another race is not an option, then run your own race. When the weather improves or your schedule clears up, map out the distance you planned to run and get after it. You may not get a finisher medal, but knowing you stuck with it is reward enough.

 It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over

Sometimes setbacks actually mean giving up on your goal. Things happen that can permanently halt your progress, but don’t let it stop you from excelling. Find a new goal that fits into your life and your abilities but also takes you out of your comfort zone. The fear of something new and challenging can be refreshing and exciting. excel

No matter what your setback is, don’t let it get you down. It may take you a little longer to reach your goal or take you in a totally different  direction, but you can still achieve it.

Wednesday Workout

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Wednesday Workout


Wednesday Workout

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