Workout Wednesday


Workout Wednesday


MyOatmeal Review

A few months ago I came across MyOatmeal when I was perusing Instagram. There was my coach, Brandan Fokken holding up 2 bags of, what he called “the best oatmeal out here”. So, being the oatmeal connoisseur that I am, I had to try this stuff. I had no idea what it was, but when I logged onto their website I HAD TO HAVE IT! The first thing I saw on their site was “22 Billion combinations of healthy Oatmeal.” WHAT? This place makes different kind of flavored oatmeal? Um, yes please! So I clicked the Build Your Bland tab and was in awe at all of the choices. First you pick the size of bag you want type of non-GMO oatmeal you would like. You can pick from instant, rolled, whole, signature smash blend or gluten free. gluten free. From there you create your masterpiece. Add your flavor or flavors, fruit, nuts/seed and sweetener. Seriously – the choices are endless!  I created 4 blends:


Peanut Butter (gluten free oats, peanut butter flavoring, PB Lean, ground flax and stevia

Banana Bread and Brown Sugar (gluten free oats, banana bread flavoring, brown sugar flavoring, banana chips and stevia)

Oh, la, la (gluten free oats, gingerbread flavoring, ground flax and stevia)

Tera’s CinnaOATmeal (gluten free oats, cinnamon roll flavoring, ground flax and stevia)


When I got my bags in the mail, I ripped them open and got busy making!!!! I seriously made each flavor and did taste tests . I couldn’t believe how good EACH ONE of these oatmeal blends were. Each one tasted exactly how I created them to taste. I kind of thought that they would have that chemical “oatmeal in a packet” taste, but not at all.  I could tell that they used quality products and the hand-made blends were mixed with pride and care. Thanks MyOatmeal  for making such a great product that is not only great tasting, but is great for the body and soul!

Now for the awesome part! Visit and use the discount code healthy15 to get 15% off of your order!

Tera’s Oatmeal Bakes
1/3-1/2 c MyOatmeal (I used the banana bread and brown sugar blend)
3/4 egg whites or egg subsitute
1/2 t. cinnamon
1/4 t baking powder
1/4-1/2 banana
 Blend all ingredients and pour into mini loaf tin. Bake at 350 for 60 minutes.  Top with MyOatmeal PB Lean in your favorite flavor.


Workout Wednesday


The Definition of Numbers

60, 35, 102, 95, 2, 5, 112, 82

What do these numbers mean? Everything and yet absolutely nothing. How often do I think about these numbers? Every day, every hour and sometimes once a year. What do these numbers have in common? These are the numbers that “define” me.

 60 – my height in inches

35 – my age

102 – my current weight

95 – my competition weight

2 – my jean size

5 – my shoe  size

112 – my heaviest weight

79 – the weight I was when I was anorexic

Our lives are defined by numbers. Weight, height, bra size, prescription for glasses, where we park, our place in line, our annual income. Whether they are assigned to us, picked, a source of pride or something that haunts us – they define us. But why? Why do we allow ourselves to become our numbers? Why do we let them make or break our mood. If I step on a scale and my weight is not where I want it to be, what does it really mean? Will world peace cease to exist if I don’t see the “magic number”? Will the world stop rotating on its axis? In the big scheme of things it means nothing other than the effect I have on gravity. Not having the number that we want or think is the “perfect number” has nothing to do with who we are. It’s an illusion. When we finally see the number we crave our lives will be perfect – we will finally be happy, healthy and all will be right with the world. Like I said – an illusion.  A number can’t bring any of this and we know it. We just have to believe it.

I’m going to get personal and very real. I am obsessed with my number and I hate it! Every number I have consumes me and it is stopping RIGHT NOW! When I was 15 I let my number rule my life. I was anorexic, weighing myself 10-15 times a day and counting every calorie. At my lowest point I was 79 pounds. Thank God I was able to get control of what was happening and I was able to turn myself around. When I found weight lifting, I began another number game. The weight I lifted became my new number. I wasn’t strong enough unless I was lifting a certain weight. In 2005 I started running and this is when I really defined myself by number – miles per week, races per month, PR times, minutes per mile. I wasn’t a good enough or fast enough runner  if my numbers weren’t what I deemed to be “perfect”.  And now I am stuck in the ALL NUMBERS ARE DRIVING ME NUTS game. Since I started doing figure competitions, I have had to completely change up the way I workout, eat and think. I have to gain muscle which means I lift and eat more and run/do cardio a lot less. And here is where the mind game starts:

I eat more to allow my muscles to grow

My muscles grow because I am lifting more

I weigh more because I am putting on muscle

I step on the scale and see a number that in my head isn’t “perfect”

I freak the hell out

A number like that on the scale only means one thing – I AM FAT

I want to do more cardio, I want to eat less

I have to get rid of the weight I have gained

But wait, what if the weight I put on isn’t fat, but muscle?

I HAVE BEEN lifting more and I feel stronger, it has to be muscle

Not it’s not – it’s fat. Go run! DAMMIT!!!

 This is the point where I have to remind myself that my number does not define me, but as someone who has had issues with numbers in the past, it is very hard. Everything in me wants to cut back on my calories and run for hours, but I know it will set me further from my goals. And I am ready to break the numbers cycle. For the next month I am going to not let my number effect me. It is what it is. Up, down, less, more, bigger, smaller – I will make an effort to let it be just what it is, a number and nothing more. No meaning, no definition and no feeling associated with it.

I challenge you to define yourself with numbers that really matter! The number of  hugs you gave your kids in a day, the smiles you can give to strangers,  the strives you have made towards your goals, even the kind words you say to those you love. Those are the numbers that make a difference and those ore the ones worth focusing on.

Workout Wednesday


Apera Bag Review

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Apera Bags to review one of their bags. I was given a choice of what bag I wanted to test out. Well, if you know me, I carry BIG bags and I don’t leave home without EVERYTHING that I think I could possibly need during the day even though I know I will never use 50% of it. But I always have that little voice in the back of my head saying “It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it”. (PS the “voice”, which sounds a lot like my mom, also makes sure that I’m wearing clean underwear when I leave the house in case I have an accident).  So I checked out Apera’s super sleek looking website and I decided on the big daddy of them all – the Performance Duffel in Fuchsia (of course).  

Side View

Side View

Top View

Top View


View of the mesh shoe compartment

When I got the bag, I was pleasantly surprised how big and roomy the bag was.  By looking at the website I knew it would have lots of compartments, but in real life – WOW!!! There are compartments FOR compartments!!!! It even has 2 vented side compartments to store my sweaty workout shoes and clothes so the gear in the interior compartment stay dry and odor free. AND THE BEST PART, the Performance Duffel keeps me organized. With so many pockets, I can keep all of my stuff nice and neat. No more searching and rummaging through my bag only to find the thing I was looking for at the VERY bottom corner. This bag has a spot for everything – even the kitchen sink.  Seriously! I wanted to share with you how I pack my Performance Duffel just so you can see how much room it has.


All of the goodies that fit into my bag


Jammed full with all of my necessities       

What can I get in my bag? Well, an ipod, ipod speakers, jump rope, resistance band, workout clothes including a big sweatshirt,  a towel, 2 pairs of shoes (a girl can never have too many shoes to choose from), water bottle, protein powder shaker, bootcamp binder, a hand dandy notebook, my wallet, tablet,  gymboss and my shower/makeup caddy.

Not only is this bag functional, but it’s stylish. Since having this bag I have had numerous people ask me about it. Even a mom who said it would make the perfect diaper bag! If you are looking for a great bag that will last a long time and make your daily activities a little more organized, you have to buy an Apera Bag. Go to their website and signup for their newsletter and you will have the chance to win one for yourself!!!!  Every month Apera will be giving away a different bag  - how great is that. Now – go sign up for the newsletter for YOUR chance to win! I’ve got my fingers crossed that the winner will be you!

You can also check out Apera on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube



Workout Wednesday


Workout Wednesday


MaxFlowSports Review

Hi. My name is Tera and I have a hair problem. Correction, I HAD a hair problem. When I workout, and I must say that I WORKout, my hair gets drenched in sweat. The more I move, the more I sweat. And the more I sweat, the more I get slapped in the face with icky, salty, grossy-gross hair. And there is nothing more that I hate than getting a face full of sweat soaked hair – well other than trying to pull your wet, sweat saturated sports bra over your head only for it to become a boa constrictor dead set on strangling you to death. Ugh! But I digress –  we are talking about hair problems, not dressing issues. I have tried quite a few different athletic hair bands. During my workout they either:

A) stretch out and slip off my head creating the “sweaty hair in the face” issue I spoke about earlier

B) are too big and slide and shift which causes me to stop my workout to readjust it, henceforth (yep I just wrote that) I get irritated because I had to stop my workout

C) are too small and end up pulling and breaking off my hair and leads to a crabby me and a bad hair day.

None of these options are acceptable.

That’s where MaxFlowSports comes in to save the day! A few weeks ago I was contacted by Steve Hines, CEO of MaxFlowSports. He sent me 2 of his Cross-Grip Hair bands to try out and threw in a pair of low profile socks (not retail yet but available if you contact Steve at

MFS socks

MFS bands

I threw my hair up in a pony, put on the houndstooth pattern hair band, put on my fresh new socks, went for a wicked 8 mile interval run and finished up the “test” with a bouncy plyo leg workout. Not only did my hair stay out of my face the entire workout, but it never slipped once. SCORE! And, DOUBLE SCORE, the socks stayed in place to and kept my feet seriously cushioned.

MFS me

I wanted to know why MaxFlowSport hairbands stayed in place when others didn’t, so I checked out their website. They use a patent pending CROSS-GRIP technology. When most non-slip headbands have a grip strip or 2 on the inside of the hairband, MaxFlowSports has 2 grip strips that  criss-cross to help it stay in place! Genius!

I am in love with my new MaxFlowSports gear. Please take the time to check out their website, facebook, instagram, twitter or pinterest to get the latest on their products and while you’re there buy something too! I AM IN!!!

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