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My FAVORITE FITmas Gifts for 2014 – 10 Stocking Stuffers

Looking for STOCKING STUFFERS for the fitness minded person on your Christmas list? Here are 10 great fitness finds!



The Perfect Pushup takes the standard pushup to the next level. With rotating handles, you can use multiple hand positions to create a new challenge to your pushup or you can use the Perfect Pushup during exercises like planks and mountain climbers to help eliminate stress on the wrists.



Gold’s Gym Sliders are a fun addition to your fitness equipment. Sliders remove the impact of exercises like jumping jacks and mountain climbers and add resistance to lunges, pushups and ab exercises.

$12.99 - $14.99

$12.99 – $14.99

The Blender Bottle is a must-have for anyone taking any type of liquid nutrition (pre or post-workout). This shake bottle comes with a “BlenderBall” that does the mixing while you shake! Say goodbye to chunky supplement drinks forever!



The Max Flow Sports Cross-Grip Hairband is a great gift for anyone who is tired of having their hairband distract them during their workout. Most hairbands slip off your head as you exercise, but the Max Flow Sport hairband had cross-grip technology that keeps the band securely in place so you can focus on getting your sweat on!

$10 - $100

$10 – $100

Looking for something to get the foodie on your list? A My Oatmeal Gift Card is perfect!!! My Oatmeal lets you create your own custom blend of oatmeal. Start by choosing your type of oats- steel cut, rolled, gluten free – and from there the options are endless! Add protein powder, nuts, fruit, flavorings, sweeteners, whatever your heart desires. And if you just can’t decide what yummie goodness to create, you can pick from one of their creations.



Want a gift that gives back? Love Your Melon beanies will not only keep your head toasty warm this winter, but they will also keep the head of a child with cancer covered. For each item that is purchased from Love Your Melon, a hat is donated to a child going through cancer treatment. This is a gift that is close to my heart and my melon!



Max Flow Sports Cushioned Low-Show Women’s socks are the best cushioned sock on the market! Max Flow Sports socks are cushioned to keep your feet protected from impact and blisters and yet ventilated in just the right spots to keep your feet cool and dry.



An iTunes gift card is the perfect gift for the person who has everything. The iTunes gift card is the gift that keeps on giving because music is always changing and your playlist needs updating every now and then.

$20.00 - $35.00

$20.00 – $35.00

Fierce Forward “Body Armor” Bracelets are a great accessory and a constant reminder of how incredible the person wearing it is. These beautiful statement pieces each tell an amazing story through the unique beads and stamped tag. I have purchased the Sisterhood Armor for the incredible women in my life and I  personally wear the Strength Limitless Armor everyday.


$19.97 per month now offers Live Streaming of her Thursday morning classes and instant access to all of her 100+ videos. Cathe One Demand is a great gift for the person who likes to workout in the privacy of their own home and loves to be challenged. Cathe is very motivating and keeps you moving with a variety for workouts for beginner and advanced exercisers. Strength training, bootcamps, cycling, circuit training, HIIT, yoga, barre – Cathe offers it all.


My FAVORITE FITmas Gifts for 2014 – Day 5


My Pick for Day 5 is WSI HEATR GEAR! HEATR Gear is THE warmest base layer clothing on the market. And I can attest to that. I hate, hate, hate the cold. I refuse to do much outside in the winter because I always freeze. Now that I have the full HEARTR GEAR line of socks, hooded long sleeve shirt and leggings I can actually enjoy myself out in the cold elements.  The HEATR Gear uses your own body heat to generate heat that stays INSIDE the clothing and doesn’t escape through the fabric. And if you happen to get sweaty, the fabric will wick away the sweat to the OUTSIDE of the clothing so you stay dry.

But don’t think that WSI only manufactures cold weather clothing. They also have a great line of wicking clothing for warm weather. So no matter what the season, you can sport WSI clothing. This Holiday Season, support a local business that takes pride in the fact that their quality clothing is made in AMERICA and created with care.

My FAVORITE FITmas Gifts for 2014 – Day 4


My Favorite FITmas Gift for Day 4 is the PRO COMPRESSION sock line! When you think compression socks, what do you think of – hospital socks, am I right? Well the purpose of those ugly, one-size-fits NO ONE socks is to help the blood circulate in your legs and maintain blood flow. So, if those socks do all of that, why wouldn’t you wear them when you are working out? Well, I wouldn’t wear the ones I got while I was in the hospital during my workout, but I would wear a pair from PRO COMPRESSION. They are form fitting, comfortable and fashionable and they are functional. Pro Compression offers a full line of full length, mid length and low cut socks as well as calf and arm sleeves. You can also choose from socks that will keep your feet warm in the winter or cool and dry in the summer. PRO COMPRESSION also sells compression leggings!
I was never a fan of compression socks. As a girl, yes I can be a little girlie, I thought they looked silly. I would see runners wearing tall socks and shorts and think, “Wouldn’t it just make more sense to wear pants?” Then I tried a pair. PRO COMPRESSION sent me a pair of pink marathon knee high socks to try. They kind of had me backed into a corner when they sent me pink socks, I mean, they were cute so I had to try them right? So I did. I was shocked how great my legs felt during my runs, so I decided to try them out when I ran a half marathon. Normally, after a long run, my legs would cramp up a lot no matter how hydrated I was, but after the half my legs never cramped once. I WAS A BELIEVER!!!! Now I have close to 10 pairs and I refuse to run long runs without them.

If you are looking for a great gift for a runner, gym rat, someone who has circulation issues or just a sock lover, then the PRO COMPRESSION socks are a great gift choice.

My FAVORITE FITmas Gifts for 2014 – Day 3

APERA BAGMy Favorite FITmas Gift of 2014 pick for day 3 is ANY of the APERA BAGS. I got my Apera bag back in January (see my review here) and I use this bag every day.

My Apera Performance Duffel

My Apera Performance Duffel in Fuscia

All of my daily necessities that I carry in my bag

All of my daily necessities that I carry in my bag

And it ALL fits into the bag!

And it ALL fits into the bag!

Apera Bags are the ultimate gift for anyone who carries everything and anything. These bags are roomy and they can keep all of your stuff organized. With compartments and pockets galore, you will never be searching your bag to find what you need. And what really sets these bags apart from the ordinary “gym bag” is the “non-funk-factor”. You know that sweaty smell that radiates every time you open your gym bag, you know what I’m talking about . THE FUNK of a gym bag – ish. Well, you don’t have to worry about being the stinky kid in the gym when you carry Apera Bags. Each bag is  designed to be healthier – with built-in antimicrobial product protection to inhibit the growth of bacterial odors, vented compartments, separation of your wet, sweaty gear from your dry stuff, and venting air to keep your bag dry and suppress odor. TA-DA!

Any of the Apera Bags would be a great gift for anyone: gym rat, student, traveler, new mom (yep a client of mine uses it as a diaper bag) or just for someone who like to carry everything plus the kitchen sink, cause that will fit in the bag too!

Unfortunately the Performance Duffel is on back order, BUT all of the other fabulous bags are 20% off right now and Apera is also offering FREE SHIPPING!!!



Wednesday Workout


My FAVORITE FITmas Gifts for 2014 – Day 2

6 pack

Another one of my favorite FITmas Gifts for 2014 is the 6 Pack Bag. This is the MUST have gift for anyone who is trying to stay on track with healthy eating. With BPA-free containers, ice packs that keep food cold, insulated pockets that keep food warm and extra storage for drinks, vitamins or utensils, these bags have it all.

I personally have 2 of the 6 Pack Bags.

The Expert Innovator: $69.99 – $99.99


And the Expert Plyo Sling: $129.99

Expert Plyo Sling collage

I use the Innovator for days when I need all of my meals, drinks and snacks for the day and the Plyo sling for the days when I don’t want to be the crazy lady carrying the chicken and broccoli around in my purse. No matter which 6 Pack Cooler or Tote you choose, know that you will have meals that will last and quality bag that will last even longer!

My FAVORITE FITmas Gifts for 2014 – Day 1



One of my favorite FITmas gifts of 2014 is the GYMBOSS Interval Timer. This timer has changed my workouts and my clients workouts for the better. I no longer have to stare down the clock waiting for my next interval to start or end. Now I can just set my timer, clip it to my shirt and wait for the beep. It allows me to put 100% of my focus on the workout. Because the GYMBOSS is so small I can’t even tell that I am wearing it. And, unlike a cell phone, the clip keeps my hands free, I don’t have to worry about it falling off the equipment and I don’t have to set it down on the dirty gym floor. The GYMBOSS is less than $20, offers a HUGE selection of colors and takes the “timing” out of your workout – what more could you ask for? The GYMBOSS is THE perfect gift for any fitness finatic on your list this year.


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